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Marbella Real Estates continues Rising Prices

The price of housing in Malaga continues to rise! including Marbella Real Estates and above the rest of the Spanish provinces. This increase remains in Marbella Real Estates, both for rent and for purchase. Above double digits in the province and the capital for the second quarter of this 2023.

In Marbella Real Estates, the price of buying homes follows a generalized growth trend for the whole country. It is led by Malaga with an increase of 12.4% and a value per square meter of 2,446 euros, which makes it in the Spanish province with the greatest increase in housing prices.

After Malaga and Marbella Real Estates, at the national level, Alicante (+11.4%) and Las Palmas (+8.4%) are found. On the contrary, the province that have shown the most negative variations have been Zamora (-4.8%).

I can see six autonomous communities have experienced growth of more than 7%, led by the Valencian Community, which has reached €1,257/m2 after an increase of 8.2%. After it came Andalusia (7.8%), where we include Marbella Real Estates, Murcia (7.6%), the Balearic Islands (7.2%), the Canary Islands (7.2%) and Navarra (7%).

Marbella Real Estates is know as luxurious

The Marbella real estate market is known for its vibrant and luxurious offerings. Marbella Real Estates presents a wide range of properties, from stunning villas and apartments to beachfront residences and exclusive estates. With its picturesque coastal location and desirable Mediterranean climate, Marbella attracts both national and international buyers seeking premium real estate options. Marbella Real Estates provides expertise in navigating this dynamic market, offering unparalleled service and assisting clients in finding their dream properties in this prestigious destination.

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